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Capita Group

Capita Group Bolted on with Alpro

Solenoid electric bolts from Alpro Architectural Hardware are being used as part of a PAC integrated access control system at the Sheffield headquarters of Capita Group, the UK’s leading outsourcing company.
The solenoid bolt is simplifying door alignment for the client since judicious positioning of magnets ensures that bolt and aperture line up correctly prior to the locking bolt being thrown.
Keith Parry, Divisional Sales Manager at Alpro, said: “The real merit of this installation for Capita Group is that staff members can activate the solenoid bolts using a proximity card access or fob control solution. When a contact is written from a remote door position, the PAC system will log which staff member has entered which part of the facility. Managers can analyse trends of movement through the site and a hierarchical structure of access privileges can be implemented if required.”
Alpro’s EB1001 solenoid electric bolts are designed to fail open; the device opens in the event of power loss. Voltage is 12vDC ±15% with an activating current of 1000mA and a holding current of 250mA. The solenoid is continuously rated and fully protected against transient and reverse polarity.
The bolt allows for remote access and exit control of most timber, metal and UPVC doors and is suitable for sliding or swing, single and double action operations. It can be fitted in frame or door and is supplied with plug-in LED indicator as standard.
The product has been designed to give installers many options for concealed high security locking in either vertical or horizontal mounting. Auto relock function can be set for 0,3, 6 or 9 seconds. The stainless steel bolt (15mm diameter and throw) combined with the strike plate provide unrivalled locking security.

Capita Group Plc dominates the UK’s business process outsourcing market. The company delivers back office administration and front office customer contract services to private and public sector organisations. Capita Group currently employs 45,000 people. In June it acquired Ventura, a customer contract specialist for £65m. The Sheffield headquarters where the Alpo equipment has been installed has 3,000 staff, making Capita one of the largest employers in the city of Sheffield.

Capita Group
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