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Condor Ferries

Alpro's life on the ocean waves
Alpro Hardware recently solved two problems for channel ferry operator Condor ferries. Operating ferries out of Poole and Weymouth on the popular Channel Island routes, the tour operator needed to secure the external door next to the vehicle loading ramp. Additionally the equipment used needed to be waterproof and be impervious to a concentrated salt air environment.

Alpro fitted the AS626 waterproof keypad certified to IP68. This waterproof keypad was simple to install and is very user friendly. The aesthetic design, coupled with vandal resistance and the ability for up to 200 users solved the problem. Available as either a self contained or two part access control system, the unit boasts no moving parts and is manufactured to the highest standards making it ideal for internal or external use.

Keith Parry, Alpro's Product Manager commented "Here was a situation tailor made for the AS626 range. Appearance, performance, and price all combining to offer a cost effective quality solution. Ease of installation meant no disruption to service and thus no delays for passengers. Another example of the ability of Alpro Hardware to supply solutions to even the most challenging scenarios".

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