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William Hill

A sure bet with Alpro

When William Hill the renowned chain of turf accounts wanted both aesthetics and security, they turned to Alpro to provide the solution. The Liverpool branch of the company in Matthew Street, situated in the Cavern area of Liverpool made famous by the Beatles, needed door handles and deadlocking bolts for their new façade.

Because of the association the Beatles have with the area, the normally standard blue shopfront was changed to a black façade, which in turn meant that Alpro need to ensure a high quality finish on the 97 series door handles supplied.

Along with the requirement for handles was also the need for security and this was provided by the supply of solenoid deadlocking drop bolts, complete with the necessary key override.

Commenting on the installation Nick Bartlett Alpro’s Area Sales Manager said "We needed to ensure we provided a quality and cost effective solution to a major corporate company. Because we offer a full of range of both electro-mechanical and mechanical products, William Hill were able to one stop shop. Thereby reducing their transaction costs and increasing efficiency. Another example of how Alpro works not only to supply solutions, but to supply solutions with benefit to both customer and supplier alike".

William Hill
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