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ALPRO introduce the PRO50 DDA Compliant Transom Door Closer


ALPRO introduce the PRO50 DDA Compliant Transom Door Closer
When considering the needs of users of buildings at the initial design stage, the criteria is usually based on two stereotypical images of the user. The first is of a fit person with the strength of a young male, uninhibited by the need to carry any additional goods or equipment and is able at a glance to understand information. The second stereotype is of a "disabled person" identical to the first, but sitting down.

In reality of course neither of these images is true. There are a myriad of different situations which lead individuals to struggle with building design and none is truer than ingress and egress with regard to entrance doors.

For these reasons, Alpro Hardware are pleased to be able to offer to the industry, the "PRO 50" overhead concealed transom closer, which is now compliant to Disability and Discrimination requirements. Independently tested by APT Warrington, the Alpro transom closer fulfils the needs of a reduced opening and closing moment, to ensure an inclusive environment for all.

The closer is designed to be concealed within the transom header bar of the door and provides controlled closing of a single or double action aluminium door or doors. The closer comes complete with its own fixing pack and comprehensive fixing instructions. A choice of end or side load arms is also available.

Guaranteed for 3 years from date of manufacture, against defects in materials and workmanship, coupled with a competitive price level, the Alpro Hardware transom closer is a superb offering to the industry in general. Deliver is overnight, due to the considerable in house stock holding, again offering OEM’s the opportunity to buy as required.


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