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 Alpro Partner Visual Plus Corporation


 Alpro Hardware (A division of IEC Limited), based at Poole Dorset have recently concluded an agreement with Visual Plus Corporation, who are based in Belgium to exclusively distribute the new innovative range of Vortex magnets and associated accessories.
The Vortex magnet range is a new generation of face to face electromagnets. The magnets are smaller than a standard slimline magnet, but combine higher holding forces of 1500 kgs with lower current draw than standard magnets, making them both more efficient and ecologically friendly.
The magnets unique design embodies a conical aperture with a strong armature pin, which combines both magnetic and mechanical holding force to give better strength capabilities and which, allow the magnet to release under 100 Kgs of side loading. Independent tests have shown this unique feature to provide 1,500kgs (15,000N’s) of genuine holding force. The magnet is dual voltage (12/24vDC) and draws 240mA at 12volts DC and 120mA at 24volts DC.
The smaller dimensions of the unit (200mm long x 36mm high x 30mm deep), mean for practical purposes the units will also fit smaller type doors and frames. Combined with a weight of 450kgs the overall design clearly shows how much new and improved technology has been incorporated into the range whilst taking the needs of the end user into account.
Additional features built into the units include dual monitoring, locking and door position and a large built in LED to allow visual status. The magnet is also fitted with pressure sensors to provide an early warning system. If the unit is alerted to force, as in the situation of illegal entry, the magnet sends an alarm to pre-warn that access is being breached.
The units are available with a full range of accessories and mounting brackets and the product has been patented to protect the new and innovative features. Backed up by a 10 year warranty this new range of magnets is a major development in face to face magnet design and technology.
Commenting on the association between the two companies, Thomas Bertaux, Sales Director for Visual Plus Corporation said “As a company based in mainland Europe we needed to ensure we have a presence and focus here in the UK for this very innovative range of Vortex magnets. Alpro Hardware is well known here for their excellent product quality and service delivery. This approach adopted by Alpro was exactly what we were looking for to enable our range of products to establish themselves in a competitive and mature marketplace.”
Keith Parry Alpro’s Divisional Manager says “We are very excited about the introduction of this range of products and our association with Visual Plus Corporation. It allows us to bring to market, yet another set of ground breaking products, which will benefit customers from a functional and environmental standpoint”.


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