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Alpro introduce their adjustable spring strength transom closers


<p>Alpro introduce their adjustable spring strength transom closers</p>

Alpro Architectural Hardware (A division of IEC Limited), based at Poole Dorset have added an adjustable spring strength transom closer to their extensive range of architectural hardware.
The unit uses the same footprint as the existing closers and so is easily retro fitted into existing applications, as well as new installations. The unit uses all the standard accessories which are available as both part of the transom closer kit and as optional extras.
The unit has adjustable closing and latching speeds and is available in both hold open and non-hold open models. Designed for aluminium doors, the new unit allows for ease of installation and low maintenance.
The Alpro transom closer comes with a 3 year guarantee and is comprehensively backed up by Alpro’s technical staff to allow for correct ordering and despatch.
Nick Bartlett Alpro’s Technical Manager commented “This unit is a great addition to our already comprehensive range of transom closers. Customers have been asking for a unit similar to this for some time. So in line with our policy of listening to customers’ requirements we have introduced the product they wanted. It really is a great addition to the range”.



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