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Technical Bulletin on Transom Closers


Technical Bulletin on Transom Closers

You may or may not be aware that Alpro Architectural Hardware has recently been experiencing technical problems with their transom closers.  We are aware that some of our competitors have been informing our customers that this problem is a “cracking” problem with the closer.  This is frankly untrue.

We have been working extensively with our manufacturer to determine the cause of this problem and I can now confirm to you our findings.  There has been a mistake made with the tolerances on the latching screw across various batches of transom closers.  We have now isolated this problem.

I would however, like to mention at this stage the need to ensure that the correct strength closer is fitted to the correct size door and that that door not exceed the weight restriction of the closer unit which is 100 kilos.  If incorrect closers are installed then this can result in the closer being incorrectly adjusted and in some instances, cause the closer to fail.  From experience the closer unit should not need to be wound out any more than 2 turns to ensure correct operation and adjustment.

May I take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience this problem has caused.  As responsible manufacturers yourselves, I am sure you appreciate that from time to time things go wrong which are outside of our control.  As a responsible supplier of hardware we are working hard to resolve this problem.  As soon as we have reliable stock, we will advise you accordingly to resume sales of this product range.

Once again, apologies for the inconvenience.


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