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Technical Update on Transom Closers


Technical Update on Transom Closers

Following our decision prior to Christmas 2016 to cease the supply of transom closers, we can now advise the following:

The issue with the defective latching screw has been resolved. We have over the last 3 months worked very hard to rectify the problems with our closer stock and this has now been achieved.

The solution to the problem has been resolved using in house engineering skills, external forensic engineering analysis and independent testing facilities. The actual solution to the problem is commercially sensitive, so we will not be divulging how the rectification has been achieved.

Suffice to say, the end product is a robust closer, which has been independently tested by UL laboratories in Warrington. We are currently awaiting a test report from them, which if required by customers, will be made available for information.

With regard to availability of the closers, these will be back on sale w/c 20th March. This will enable us to build up stocks of the closer to ensure continuity of supply. However, we are sure you will appreciate, that with an operation of this type in the initial stages of ramping our stock levels back up, some models for a very short period, may still be unavailable. 

We are working hard to resolve this and if initially the model you require is unavailable, please contact our sales office to discuss possible alternative models. Once we have a full contingent of all models, we will advise accordingly.

We do of course appreciate the difficulties this will have caused for customers and apologise. However in ceasing to supply, we do hope to have acted promptly, professionally and in the best interests of all of our customers to limit issues that they may have experienced further down the line.

As an aside to this notification, Alpro Architectural Hardware would like to thank all of our customers for bearing with us over the last few difficult months. Your continued support is not something we would be so arrogant as to assume, however, where that support is offered, it is certainly appreciated by all here at Alpro and we look forward to working with all of customers again shortly.


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