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Functional 97 Pull Handle Functional 97 Pull Handle Functional 97 Pull Handle Functional 97 Pull Handle
Functional 97 Pull Door Handles Drawin
FUNCTIONAL 97 325 Iss B Mo
Functional 97 Pull Door Handles 97 326 Drawin

Functional 97 Pull Handle

The Functional 97 Series of pull door handles are manufactured in 41mm diameter for Satin Anodised (SAA) and Painted Nylon Coated (NC).

These pull door handles are designed for aluminium, timber and glass door applications. 

Finishes for 38 diameter are Stainless Steel (SSS) and Polished Stainless Steel (PSS). They come in a range of sizes up to 3000mm.

All sizes are available in either straight or offset versions and are suitable for bolt-thru (single side fixing) or back to back fixing. 

Features Include

  • Variety of Finishes
  • Available in Straight and Offset versions

  • Specification
  • Order info
  • Documents
  • FAQs


Series 97

97-325 Straight pull handle
97-326 Offset pull handle

Diameter  38/41
Centres Up to 3000mm
Projection 82
Throw 39mm for 97-326 version

Finishes Available

Satin Anodised (SAA) 
Satin Stainless (SSS) 
Polished Stainless (PSS) 
Powder Coated (PC) 
Painted Nylon Coated (NC) 

Colour Options

Powder coated and painted Nylon coated handle colours are not ex-stock. For price and availability of these finishes please contact our Sales Team on 01202 676262. Additional lead times should be allowed for these items and may be subject to a paint surcharge.

Fixing Kits

F27 fixing kit is provided as standard. (Please contact the office if an alternative is required). Fixing kit information can be found at the back of the door handle catalogue.

Back to back kits come with F19, F20 & F21 fixings. Bolt-thro kits come with F26 & F34 fixings. 

Please Note 

Handles can be supplied assembled or unassembled - please specify. 

Stainless steel and polished stainless steel handles are manufactured from 316 stainless steel.

Centre bracket recommended for applications of 2000mm and over. Please specify at time of order if the length given is overall handle length or the cross centres of the fixing holes. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Order info


Satin Anodised Aluminium

97.0305.P.SAAPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets305mmSAA
97.0610.P.SAAPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets610mmSAA
97.0915.P.SAAPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets915mmSAA
97.1219.P.SAAPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets1219mmSAA
97.1524.P.SAAPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets1524mmSAA
97.1829.P.SAAPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets1829mmSAA
97.2134.P.SAAPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets2134mmSAA
97.2530.P.SAAPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets2530mmSAA
97.2743.P.SAAPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets2743mmSAA
97.3000.P.SAAPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets3000mmSAA
Spare Brackets (SAA)  
97.STD.BRASAASpare standard straight bracket SAA
97.RHCRKSAA Spare cranked bracketRHSAA
97.LHCRKSAASpare cranked bracketLHSAA
97.CENTRE-SAASpare standard centre bracket SAA
97.CRKCENTRE-SAASpare cranked centre bracket SAA

Satin Stainless Steel

97.0305.P.SSSPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets305mmSSS
97.0610.P.SSSPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets610mmSSS
97.0915.P.SSSPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets915mmSSS
97.1219.P.SSSPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets1219mmSSS
97.1524.P.SSSPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets1524mmSSS
97.1829.P.SSSPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets
97.2134.P.SSSPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets2134mmSSS
97.2530.P.SSSPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets2530mmSSS
97.2743.P.SSSPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets2743mmSSS
97.3000.P.SSSPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets3000mmSSS
Spare Brackets (SSS)  
97.STD.BRASSS Spare standard straight bracket SSS
97.RHCRKSSSSpare cranked bracketRHSSS
97/LHCRKSSSSpare cranked bracketLHSSS
97.CENTRE-SSSSpare standard centre bracket SSS
97.CRKCENTRE-SSSSpare cranked centre bracket SSS

Polished Stainless Steel

97.0305.P.PSSPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets305mmPSS
97.0610.P.PSS Pull Handle - straight or cranked brackets610mmPSS
97.0915.P.PSSPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets915mmPSS
97.1219.P.PSSPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets1219mmPSS
97.1524.P.PSSPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets1524mmPSS
97.1829.P.PSSPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets1829mmPSS
97.2134.P.PSSPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets2134mmPSS
97.2530.P.PSS Pull Handle - straight or cranked brackets2530mmPSS
97.2743.P.PSSPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets2743mmPSS
97.3000.P.PSSPull Handle - straight or cranked brackets3000mmPSS
Spare Brackets (PSS) 
97.STD.BRAPSSSpare standard straight bracket PSS
97.RHCRKPSSSpare cranked bracketRHPSS
97.LHCRKPSSSpare cranked bracketLH PSS
97.CENTRE-PSSSpare standard centre bracket PSS
97.CRKCENTRE-PSSSpare cranked centre bracket PSS

Please stipulate when ordering if size required is the overall length or cross centre and if you require assembled or unassembled.




Is there a charge for delivery?

Carriage and packing are included in orders over £250.00. A charge of £10.00 is made on lower value orders to cover carriage, packing and insurance. For deliveries to Ireland please speak to the office for pricing.

Do you glue the tube on your 97 series handle?

If we assemble 97 series handles we always glue the tube and recommend our Customers to do the same.

Can you fit additional centre supports to longer length handles?

Yes, we recommend centre supports on longer length handles to give better stability.

What is the size of the hole to drill for glass fixings?

M12 fixing - 18mm diameter, M8 fixing - 12mm diameter.

Are the fixings included in the price?

Yes, but we need to know what type of door the handles are to be fitted on i.e. Glass, Timber or Aluminium. We only include standard fixings i.e. F19, F17. All other fixings are at additional cost.

Do stainless steel and aluminium handles need any maintenance?

Yes. In certain environments, such as a particularly salty atmosphere, cleaning will be required at regular intervals of between three and six months.

How do I clean steel and aluminium handles?

In a normal environment e.g. where oil or grease marks need to be removed, use a proprietary stainless steel cleaning agent. Vitopan or a 3M cleaner is suggested.

What about salty environments?

For the onset of corrosion or rust (due to exposure to salt air) an oxalic acid should be used. But this should be applied and allowed to stand for 25 minutes. Please ensure all manufacturers safety directions are followed and carried out at all times, when using these types of products.

Do coated handles need maintenance?

Yes. A mild solution of warm water with the appropriate detergent is suggested. All surfaces of the handle should be cleaned, using a soft cloth or brush and then dried thoroughly.

Do aluminium and anodised handles need cleaning?

Yes. Wipe over with a damp cloth and then dry thoroughly. Then wipe the handle with a wax polish to ensure ongoing aesthetics. Never use metal cleaning agents on aluminium anodised furniture.

Can I just use water to clean handles?

No, do not use water on is own, follow the instructions in Q9 above for lasting trouble free handle life.

Why is Nylon coating more expensive than powder coating?

You get better a quality handle which is more durable because of the process it goes through and that base nylon material is more expensive.

What fixings do I need to use on various handles?

Impressionist/Functional Series handles back to back fixings as follows:

Standard door thickness (39-54mm) - F19 fixings
Extra thick doors (55-85mm) - F20 fixings
Glass doors (M12-55mm) - F21 fixings

Bolt through fixing arrangement as follows:
Standard thickness (39-54) - F17 (F26 with cap) fixings
Extra thick doors (55-89mm) - F18 fixings

Functional 99 Series handles both back to back and bolt through as follows:
Standard door thickness (39-54) - F27 fixings
Extra thick doors (55-89mm) - F28 fixings
Glass doors - F29 fixings

On 97 series handles how do you work out the fixings centres?

Example: o/a handle length 2134m (inc brackets) = 2096 centre to centre a difference of 38mm


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