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Access Control

Available from 14 August is Alpro's new Ultra-secure Europrofile Deadlock the........

Independently tested under extreme physical attack by internationally renowned test and certification house Element Materials Technology, the AlproMAX7 complies with BS EN12209, the most stringent British and European standard for mechanically operated locks, latches and locking plates.

Under the BS EN12209 standard, products are tested and classified accordingly.  The AlproMAX7 has been tested to the most stringent classification regarding security 'Grade 7', denoted as 'very high security with drill resistance'. This means the lock, as well as being tested to withstand a side load of up to 10kN, is also subject to a 5 minute constant attack with a drill.

The most likely sources of attack are would be intruders armed with hand tools and a cordless drill.


The drill resistant and completely sealed case on the AlproMAX7 means that even if the door was attacked with a drill, its prevents access to the internal mechanism of the lock. With an upgraded cylinder, and an external escutcheon, intruders would also be unable to attack from the most commonly used angle.

As well as attack with a drill, evaluation of the lock at the testing facility included salt spray testing, function during temperature changes and durability testing. 

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New AlproMAX7 secures maximum rating

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