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Face to Face Door Magnets Face to Face Door Magnets Face to Face Door Magnets Face to Face Door Magnets
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Face to Face Door Magnets

Alpro's magnets can be used to facilitate access and exit control systems for a variety of aluminium, timber and steel doors. The magnets embodies clean aesthetic looks with the ability to maintain a holding force of 250kgs (550lbs), offers low maintenance and ease of installation. They provide positive fail safe operation (unless battery back up is available) at all times. Suitable for both inward and outward opening doors. 

Features Include

  • High Holding Force
  • Easy Installation
  • No Moving Parts
  • Positive Fail Safe Operation
  • 5 Year Guarantee 

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Face to face door magnets are most commonly used because of the ease of installation. With no moving parts these products provide a magnetic holding force so that when the door is closed, the magnetic field is switched on & this provides the resistance to the door being opened.

The face to face door magnets are fitted to the head of a door & frame & can either be bolted directly to the door & frame, or depending on the configuration can be held in place by a series of L & Z brackets. These brackets also provide a degree of adjustment.

250kg Mini Magnets
Single magnet 25mm x 250mm x 42mm
Double magnet 25mm x 500mm x 42mm
Armature plate 184mm x 36mm x 11mm (x 2 for double magnet)
Holding force 250kgs (550lbs) (x 2 for double magnet)

500kg Magnets
Single magnet 40mm x 266mm x 73mm
Double magnet 40mm x 532mm x 73mm
Armature plate 185mm x 61mm x 16mm (x 2 for double magnet)
Holding force 510kgs (1120lbs) (x 2 for double magnet)

Supply Voltage
Dual voltage 12 or 24vDC
(Dual coil). Nominal +/- 10%

Nominal Current
500mA @ 12vDC
250mA @ 24vDC
Built in voltage spike suppressor Monitoring Relay with dry contact integral LED

Door Gaps
Maximum 3mm

Outward opening - surface mounted to door header transom bar.
Inward opening - door frame transom bar using

L & Z brackets

Magnet Housing
Brushed Satin Aluminium

Please note: To ensure immediate release, it is important that the release switch breaks the circuit between the power supply and the magnet

Order info

250kgs mini magnet non monitored 56121
250kgs double mini magnet non monitored 56122
250kgs mini magnet monitored 56111
250kgs double mini magnet monitored 56112
500kgs magnet non monitored 56221
500kgs double magnet non monitored 56222
500kgs magnet monitored 56211
500kgs double magnet monitored 56212
L bracket for mini magnet 561A
L & Z bracket for mini magnet 562A
L bracket for 500kgs magnet 563A
L & Z bracket for 500kgs magnet 564A

NB - 2 brackets required for a double magnet




Why am I asked to take pack quantities

Helps for a quicker despatch time & also because we are not spending time re-packaging it keeps the cost down.

Is there a charge for delivery?

Carriage and packing are included in orders over £250.00. A charge of £10.00 is made on lower value orders to cover carriage, packing and insurance. For deliveries to Ireland please speak to the office for pricing.

Do you have any information on CE Marking or CE Marking of Doorsets?

Please refer to our technical section under Standards.


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