Building Information Modelling (BIM)



BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a collaborative process, rather than a design / CAD product.

It combines the creation of intelligent 3D modelling with associated data in a structured, common format to inform and communicate project decisions. This assists project stakeholders such as architects, contractors and clients throughout the project lifecycle, from design through implementation to asset management and beyond. 

BIM creates value in the construction process by reducing errors (through clash detection) and elimination of data duplication through shared data, making the whole process more efficient in terms of both cost and physical implementation.

Here at Alpro we have worked with NBS to have our products “BIM’ed” and listed on the National BIM Library. We have done so with the clear intent and desire to enable and assist our customers in their efforts to comply with the Government mandate.

All of the information you would need to add an Alpro product to any BIM Level 2 specification is readily available, either as an individual item(s) or as part of a standard door set.

BIM Level 2 has been mandated by the UK government for use on all public sector works as of 2016. It’s not just the future of the construction industry, it’s here and now!

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