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Electric Magnetically Latching Deadlocking Bolt DB25L Electric Magnetically Latching Deadlocking Bolt DB25L Electric Magnetically Latching Deadlocking Bolt DB25L Electric Magnetically Latching Deadlocking Bolt DB25L
DB25L Electric Deadlocking Latch Bol
DB25L Electric Deadlocking latchying Bolt DRW
DB25L Electric Deadlocking Latching Bolt DRW
DB25L Electric Deadlocking Latching Bolt DRW

Electric Magnetically Latching Deadlocking Bolt DB25L

The Alpro DB25L electric deadlocking bolt incorporates a unique latching device that is a world first in electronic deadlocking bolts. Door alignment problems vanish with the innovative design which ensures the correct positioning of the lock and strike every time. Incorporating access control functions, two monitors and the highest quality componentry.

Features include

  • High Physical Security
  • Dual Action
  • Versatile Installation
  • Slimline Dimensions
  • 5 Year Guarantee

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Dual Action
Magnetic latch on strike plate to capture the door deadbolt to secure the door.

High Physical Security
Holding force 1,000kg - automatic deadlocking.
Bolt throw 16mm.

Versatile Installation
Designed to provide concealed high security locking on any single or double action, hinged or sliding door in timber or metal for vertical or horizontal mounting.

Slimline Dimensions
210mm(L) x 25mm(W) x 42mm(D).
Back box 164mm(L) x 22mm(W) x 39mm(D).


Multiple Voltage Input
Any voltage from 12v DC -10% to 24v DC +15%. Complete with built in transient and reverse polarity protection and continuously rated solenoid.

Low Current Consumption
Volts Current - Activate Current - Hold (after 200ms)
12vDC 1100mA 160mA
24vDC 1000mA 90mA

Dual Monitoring
Bolt and Door position switches

Stainless steel surface mounting kit.


Built-in Access Control Module

Selectable unlock period - a field selector timer once the bolt is signalled to unlock. This enables traffic exiting 0, 3, 6 or 9 seconds in which to open the door before it automatically locks. See Anti-Tailgate.

Multiple auto relock function - when relocking the bolt makes 9 locking attempts over 18 seconds. Change in the Bolt Position Switch status indicates that the door has been locked.  Fail open/PTL models only.

Multiple unlock function - in fail secure/PTO mode 5 attempts to unlock door at 2 seconds intervals.

Anti-Tailgate - once the door has been pushed open and closed during the chosen unlock period, the bolt will immediately relock.


Order info

12-24vDC slimline deadlocking bolt with latch - 25mm radius faceplateFail open/PTLDB25L/PTLOCK




Is there a charge for delivery?

Carriage and packing are included in orders over £250.00. A charge of £10.00 is made on lower value orders to cover carriage, packing and insurance. For deliveries to Ireland please speak to the office for pricing.

What guarantees does Alpro give?

6 years for AL110/AL150/AL2000 series electric strikes
5 years for EMS1200 shearlocks/EB250 solenoid bolts/DB25 deadlocking bolts
3 years for EB1001 &EB501 electric bolts/door hardware

Do you have any information on CE Marking or CE Marking of Doorsets?

Please refer to our technical section under Standards.


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