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Electronic Side Load Lock - Cobalt YD30M Electronic Side Load Lock - Cobalt YD30M Electronic Side Load Lock - Cobalt YD30M Electronic Side Load Lock - Cobalt YD30M
ALP210H YD30M Mini Electronic Side Load Loc
ALP210H YD30M Mini Electronic Side Load Lock Diagra
ALP214 YD30M Mini Electronic Side Load Lock Housing Diagra
ALP213H YD30M Mini Eletronic Side Load Lock Strike Plate Diagra

Electronic Side Load Lock - Cobalt YD30M

The Alpro ALP210H electronic side load lock, also known as a YD30M Cobalt-Mini is a revolutionary low voltage motor driven electronic lock for 90° swing doors. It has been designed to secure single action doors and addresses the two biggest issues in door locking; the ability to align a misaligned door and the ability to release when requested, even with excessive load on the door. 

Features include

  • Automatic misalignment correction 
  • Side Load Release
  • High Security
  • Dual Monitoring
  • 3 Year Guarantee

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Its small footprint ensures this mini electronic side load lock can be installed in most locations. The ALP210H (Cobalt YD30M) electronic side load lock is typically used in commercial doors and controlled by access control systems. 

This gives the user the ability to control access in and around a facility and provide traffic reports when desired.

Additionally, it can be used in a simpler system where just controlling access to a single door can be implemented with a stand-alone access system. Given its small size yet strong and reliable operation the it is suited for most single acting door applications.

Door Alignment
Door misalignment of up to 8mm is automatically corrected.

Side Load Release
The door can have in excess of 100kg being applied and it will still release instantly when requested.

Simple Configuration
Convert from fail safe to fail secure by repositioning a single jumper.

High Security
Automatic deadlocking.
10,000N holding force (1,000kg).
10mm thick stainless steel bolt pin.

Electrical Specification
Input voltage from 12vDC-24vDC. Less than 50mA standby current.
Reverse polarity and transient protection.
Multiple attempts to lock.

Dual Monitoring
Door and bolt position monitors.

Versatile Installation
Mortice mount horizontally or vertically, on single action doors.
Surface mount using the ALP210H accessories, including mounting onto glass

Physical Dimensions
160mm (L) x 30mm (W) x 51mm(D)

EN61000-6-1: 2007
EN61000-6-3: 2007 + Amendment 1: 2001
FCC Part 15, subparts A and B

Surface mounting a lock and/or strike with the aid of the ALP210H accessories offers more flexibility in installation and makes securing glass doors possible. Dress plates are offered to give a 'clean' finish when a housing has been installed onto glass. The housing and dress plate are supplied with self-adhesive tape for instant application to glass doors and frame.

Order info

Description  Code
Cobalt-Mini electronic side load lock and strike plate ALP210H


Cobalt-Mini strike plate - 160mm(L) x 30mm(W) x 14mm(D) ALP213H
Cobalt-Mini housing with tape - 163mm(L) x 34mm(W) x 55m(D) ALP214J
Cobalt-Mini dress plate with tape - 165mm(L) x 0.7mm(W) x 58mm(D) ALP216J




Is there a charge for delivery?

Carriage and packing are included in orders over £250.00. A charge of £10.00 is made on lower value orders to cover carriage, packing and insurance. For deliveries to Ireland please speak to the office for pricing.

Do you have any information on CE Marking or CE Marking of Doorsets?

Please refer to our technical section under Standards.


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