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Environmental Factors

Alpro Hardware endeavors where ever possible to use environmentally friendly materials in the construction of its products and customer services. In line with its environmental policy Alpro handles are manufactured from both aluminium and stainless steel, both of which are 100% recyclable.

As the third most abundant element in the world (Bauxite) aluminium is both sustainable and recyclable. This means that as well as aesthetic advantages, savings can be made through superior performance (longevity and durability) of the material by reducing maintenance costs. Added to this is the non-toxicity of the material making for a safer working environment.

A recent report by EUROFER (January 1999) “Manufacturer Processing and Use of Stainless Steel: A Review of Health Effects” concluded that:

Stainless steel does not cause adverse effects on health and so does not need to be classified as hazardous to health.

There is no data available to suggest manufacture of stainless steel affects the health of the workers.

The grinding and cutting of stainless steel do not appear to carry any adverse health effects In addition stainless steel allows the minimization of waste, with all discarded parts, collected, recycled and returned to the furnace for re-use. In addition to the above economic and environmental benefits, Alpro handles also conform to all relevant legislation regarding the Disability and Discrimination Act 2004.


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