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Alpro Hardware recently installed its "Swift" range of auto door operators on doors located at Reading FC. As part of the new Disability and Discrimination Act 2004, doors between the football stadium and hotel needed to be easily accessible by all. The Alpro "Swift" range fitted the bill. Easy to install and aesthetically pleasing the Swift 02 operators allowed the doors to be automatically operated when approached from either side. The Swift solution to the problem was both cost effective and quick to install, thereby ensuring minimum disruption to both hotel and football personnel alike.

Keith Parry, Alpro's Product Manager said "Here was a major football club newly promoted to the Premiership ensuring that their facilities are in line with current legislation and ensuring the sport can be enjoyed by all. By understanding what our customer requirements were, we were able to install cost effective solutions, which conform to current government legislation. Another example of Alpro working in partnership to solve even the most taxing access scenarios".

Reading FC
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