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ALPRO launch their new range of electronic side release Cobalt locks


ALPRO launch their new range of electronic side release Cobalt locks

The Alpro Hardware Division of IEC Limited has announced the release of the new Alpro range of Cobalt electronic side release locks.  

The new range comprises the ALP200H-YD30 Cobalt lock and the ALP210H-YD30M Cobalt-Mini lock, all the products within the range have been independently tested and test information on the high holding force is available on request.

Both units are revolutionary low voltage motor driven locks, designed to secure double action doors and addresses the two biggest issues in door locking. That is the ability to align a misaligned door and the ability to release when requested, even with excessive load on the door. The units are typically used in commercial door applications and access control systems.

The Cobalt lock is designed for use with 180-degree swing doors, with the Cobalt-Mini designed for 90-degree swing doors. Both units will correct up to 8mm of door misalignment. Further both units are designed to release under 100 KG of side load. The units are high security with the added feature of automatic deadlocking with a holding force of 1,000 Kg. Both units are dual monitored with door and bolt position. Accessories are available such as glass mounting options.

Keith Parry, Alpro’s Sales Director says “The comprehensive performance specification of the units, coupled with the overall quality and innovation, enable us to offer a versatile product at a competitive price. Illustrating once again Alpro’s stated aim of offering quality and service to the industry in general. These units are truly unique in our industry as they resolve two common problems frequently encountered, that of door alignment and side load release. They are quite simply two great new products, which we have added to our range.”

Alpro products are available in the UK from IEC Limited and through all major security product distributors.



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